Provisional symposium titles 30th ECNP Congress

The scientific programme forms the central part of the congress.
Participants can attend the keynote lecture, plenary lectures, scientific symposia, educational update sessions, brainstorming sessions, poster sessions and much more. 

Please find below the provisional titles of the scientific programme categorised by topic (as per 2 September 2016). The track is indicated in front of the title.   



CR New psychoactive substances: ‘legal highs’, cognitive lows? 
PR Novel approaches to cocaine addiction
CR Behavioural addictions: diagnosis, co-morbidity and neurobiology
CR Reward processing as cross-cutting phenomenon in psychiatric classifications

Anxiety disorders, OCD, stress-related disorders and treatment:

CR Role of oxytocin in social behaviour and stress coping  
CR Genetic and epigenetic variation predict and mediate therapy response in anxiety disorders

Basic and clinical neuroscience:

PR MicroRNAs in affective disorders
IR Cognitive dysfunction across psychiatric disorders
PR The stressed genome in affective disorders: novel target for pharmacological intervention? 
IR Sex differences at the intersection of stress, fear and depression
IR The role of stressful life events on shaping adult brain and genome toward psychopathology
IR Myelination from cells to brain networks: a core mechanism of plasticity and connectivity
CT Melatonin receptors in neuropsychopharmacology: a preclinical and clinical update

Child and adolescent disorders and treatment:

CR  New tools to understand and seek success at youth suicide prevention
CT  Neurofeedback in ADHD: evidence from different modalities
IR  Aggression in conduct disorder is associated with altered top-down cortical processing mechanisms: a translational perspective

Dementia and neurological disorders:

CT Use of human brain implants to interpret brain activity and clinical applications to neurological disorders 
PRNeuronal autophagy: concepts and treatment options

Mood disorders and treatment:

CT The role of brain connectivity in affective and psychotic disorders: implications for treatment
CT Relapse and relapse prevention following electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for depression: where are we now?
CT The role of resilience in schizophrenia

Psychotic disorders and treatment:

PR Contribution of epistasis (gene-gene interactions) to the clinicaal and quantitative risk for the schizophrenia phenotype
IR Gaba dysfunction in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia: from bench to clinic
CR The role of resilience in schizophrenia



CT Clinical Treatment track: evidence-based treatment 
CR Clinical Research track: clinical research issues 
IR Interface Research track: link between preclinical and clinical research
PR Preclinical Research track: preclinical research 
ET Educational track: containing the educational update sessions