Poster procedures

Preparing your poster
It is in the author’s interest to present information professionally. Please prepare your poster according to the guidelines for poster presentations.

Poster number
Each poster has a unique number (the same number that is given to your paper after acceptance of the abstract). The general format is P.a.b.000.

P:     type of session (P for Poster session)
a:     main poster topic
b:     secondary poster topic
000: poster number

Posters numbered 1-299 are selected for presentation and publication.
Posters numbered higher than 300 are selected for presentation only.
Poster presenters will be indicated with a * on the abstracts and in publications.

Daily schedule
New posters will be presented each day (Sunday-Tuesday).

08.00-09.00 Hanging up posters
Poster viewing and coffee break (optionally attend poster site for discussion with participants)
10.40-11.15   Travel Award ceremony (poster podium)
Poster session (attend poster site for discussion with participants)
Rapid-fire poster session (poster podium)
Poster Award ceremony (poster podium)
Remove poster material* (16.30-17.00 on Tuesday)
                                       * please note: posters not removed by the presenters by 18.00 will be removed by congress staff and thrown away on the same day. ECNP cannot accept liability for lost or damaged posters.


How to put up your poster

To locate your poster board, please see the poster area signage or floor plan that is available on site at the poster service desk. Material for hanging up posters will be available at the poster service desk in the poster area. Please note that the poster service desk is not a fully equipped help desk.

For the 30th ECNP Congress, ECNP will also work with e-posters. Both a paper poster and an e-poster are mandatory for poster presenters. In principle, your e-poster will only be shown on interactive e-poster terminals during the congress. In addition, you can give permission (when uploading your e-poster) to post your e-poster on the ECNP website after the congress. Please note this is not an official publication.

Award winning posters
The posters which have been awarded with an ECNP Travel Award or a Poster Award will be on display on a special e-poster terminal.